Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sharp balde of past are now waiting to get s

They were sharp. They ruled. Now in some museum ready to tell their story

She made sometime in past now she is part of some History

Clear as water photo of "Maratha Sword"

Closeup view of "Maratha Sword"

Closeup view of "Maratha Sword"

Black and White photo of "Nayar Talwar" (Nayar Sword)

Closeup View of "Nayar Talwar" (Nayar Sword)

Now in Peace, closeup view of "Maratha Sword"

Priceless 600 years old Maratha Sword

Closeup View of Curve blade of "Mughal" Sword

"Mughal Talwar (Sword)"

Nayar Sword